Mining and Quarrying Services

Got the material but no way of getting it out of the ground? Quarry Mining Haulage have over 30 years combined experience contracting in the Quarry and Mining industries. Utilising modern techniques and strict safety standards, we are able to provide a quality and profitable service without sacrificing on safety. All operations are carried out with fully trained and qualified staff resulting in reliability, accountability and transparency.

QMH can offer the following services:

  • Dam Construction and De-Silting

  • Mine Services; Overburden Removal, Rehabilitation, Extractive Services, Mine Management

  • Quarry Services; Material Crushing and Screening, Rehabilitation, Quarry Management

  • Civil Construction and Earthmoving

  • Site Transportation Services: Side Tippers and Truck and Dogs, Body and Semi Tanker Water Trucks

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Dam Desilting.jpg
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